Golf price lists 2024

Special offers

Happy DaysMonday, Tuesday650 CZK
* Minimum 2 paying players per flighter required

Standard fee prices

FeeMon-ThuMon-Sun | holidays
18 holes1 300 CZK1 600 CZK
9 holes800 CZK900 CZK

Discounts on fees

JUNIOR FEE (children up to and including 18 years of age)50%
Note: All fees include a cloakroom, towel and shower. Discounts apply to standard rates only and do not add up. Discounts do not apply to tournaments - they apply to regular play only.

Driving Range

Entry driving range, putting, chippingFree
Standard2 CZK/pc


Golf cart rental - 18 holes1 000 CZK
Golf cart rental - 9 holes600 CZK
Rent a hand truck150 CZK
Rent a set of golf clubs one game350 CZK
Non-competitive result - processing (min. 2 players and one of them with HCP) < 36. Players with any HCP cannot play non-competitive.)100 CZK

Golf simulators

FSG simulators500 CZK / hour
FSG Simulators GCKH member400 CZK / hour
Pass for 10 hours4 500 CZK
Pass for 10 hours GCKH member3 600 CZK