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jarda | Cedrus Spa



I come from a poor working class family and I wear that label with pride. I have been a sauna enthusiast since 2008. During my performances at the national and world level I have gained valuable experience which I pass on to my team of sauniers.
1st place - official championship of the Czech Republic - Saunafest 2013
2nd place - international competition - Grand Prix Czech Republic 2013
3rd place - international competition - Herbal Cup 2013
2nd place - Official Czech Championship - Saunafest 2014
6th place - World Championship - World Cup 2014 - Sauna WM
2nd place - Official Czech Championship - Saunafest 2015
1st place - International Competition - Grand Prix Czech Republic 2015
mira | Cedrus Spa



Martina | Cedrus Spa


Movie star

judita | Cedrus Spa



filip | Cedrus Spa



tom | Cedrus Spa



I am a future scientist who loves golf and fitness with a need to relax. Sauna and sauna ceremonies - the place where I found well-being and started working with myself. I can release my feelings here, connected by smells, heat, music... I'm constantly trying to improve and don't have to deal with the A's and B's. In the ceremonies that I'm continually refining with the pioneer Filip including the playlists, there's something for everyone. Come and have fun!
Radka | Cedrus Spa



I would like to invite you to the world of experiential sauna in the spirit of relaxation, positive energy and fairy tales. On the waves of world music, with the help of ritual musical instruments and playing with natural essences, I will let you be transported to distant landscapes and deep into your own inner world. As a sauna therapist, I love to improvise. I also offer several themed ceremonies. Each of my performances has a different feel, so if you feel like being surprised, having fun, relaxing and feeling the power of the elements, I look forward to seeing you!
kaja | Cedrus Spa



I started saunas as a child and I loved the sauna experience as soon as I visited my first sauna ceremony at the age of 15. When creating my ceremonies I am inspired by my travels abroad, where I always try to absorb the local atmosphere, smells and music. In my repertoire I have both dynamic ceremonies where we approach hellish temperatures, and relaxing ones where we slow down and become more aware of the music and fragrant essences. Let's take a trip around the world together, and maybe even further…
Sara | Cedrus Spa



When I first saw the sauna ceremony, it was something incredible, almost incomprehensible to me and I knew immediately that I wanted to be part of the Phoenix group that made me fall in love with sauna. I enthusiastically combined my love of stories and legends with the sauna, and all kinds of ceremonies have come about because of it. From spooky, relaxing aromatherapy to dynamic dance ceremonies. Some may say it's unconventional, but I think that's where the magic lies. There are stories all around us that are worth telling without shame…