Cedrus Spa Sauna Centre

The unique atmosphere and aroma of our sauna centre is given by the wood of Canadian cedar, from which the saunas are built. The centre is divided into two parts. A generous public area and a luxurious private area. Sauna ceremonies, outdoor cooling pool, sauna bar, welcome to Cedrus Spa!


Cedrus Spa Public Area

Aroma sauna

The aroma sauna works on the same principle as a classic Finnish sauna. In addition, there is an automatic pump in the aroma sauna that dispenses aromatic essences onto the hot lava stones as needed. The vapours then permeate the entire sauna and have a positive effect on the respiratory system and the psyche. The aroma sauna is one of the most modern and popular types of sauna.

Vario sauna

Vario sauna is a modern type of sauna that allows you to set up optional programs and use, for example, tropical baths or moist herbal baths in addition to the classic sauna. Together with the adjustable temperature, the vario sauna is perfect for those who want to be in full control of their sauna experience. Thanks to the lower temperatures and higher humidity, the vario sauna is suitable for those who are not comfortable with the classic sauna and its variants for whatever reason.

Herbal bath

Herbal baths are ceramic dry warming rooms that use radiant heat in combination with the healing essences of herbs. The chamber is heated to about 50°C with a low humidity of about 35%. An important part is the heated evaporator on which the herbs are placed. These are regularly poured with water to fully develop the aroma into hot vapours. The herbal bath takes the form of a ceramic-lined chamber, around the perimeter of which are heated benches.

Aroma steam bath

The aroma steam bath works on the same principle as a Roman or salt steam bath. Aromatic essences are blown into a heated and very humid room, which, depending on their focus, have beneficial effects on the human body. The aroma steam bath, like other steam baths, takes the form of a ceramic-lined room with dim lighting. Aromatic essences are automatically injected into the steam room via a dispenser.

Watering buckets

Traditionally, watering buckets belong to every sauna. The simple mechanism, natural look and easy operation of the watering bucket have survived unchanged into today’s super-modern cooling rooms. In the cooling shower, the visitor stands under the bucket, pulls the chain and effortlessly pours cold water over himself. The water is automatically refilled for the next use.

Ice well

The ice well consists of two parts: the ice dispenser and the well itself. Fine or standard ice is produced directly from fresh water by the dispenser. The ice produced is free of sharp edges and at an ideal temperature of -0.5°C, which guests can then scoop as needed.

Cold drizzle

The cold drizzle is one of the options for a quick cool down after a sauna session. The gentle drops of cold water gushing out of the shower are not as intense as, for example, jumping into an ice pool, but they do their job perfectly.

Outdoor cooling pool

The outdoor cooling pool is the most common way to cool down after a vigorous sauna session, next to a watering bucket.

Kneipp path

The Kneipp path works on a simple principle. Two pools with pebble-covered bottoms contain warm (around 40°C) and cold (12°C) water. The client first walks in the pool of warm water and warms up his feet thoroughly. Afterwards, he/she also treads in the cold water pool for a few seconds and repeats the whole cycle several times.

Relax lounge with bar

Serviced bar with drinks and light snacks.

Dark rest room

Quiet relaxation zone with beds.

Operation of the public part of the Cedrus Spa

Monday: sanitary day – closed
Tuesday–Sunday: 14.00–22.00 mixed gender

Price list of services

Central area Price adult Price child up to 14 years
entry 2 h (+15min) 400 CZK 200 CZK
entry 3 h (+15min) 550 CZK
unlimited time 700 CZK
Take advantage of the CEDRUS credit card – initial charge of min. CZK 1,000, 10% discount on entrances to saunas, including private ones, fast and convenient check-in
Sauna Ceremonies Price
Basic 40 CZK
Other services Price
Bathrobe rental 80 CZK
Towel rental 40 CZK
Kilt rental 40 CZK
Extra sheet 40 CZK
Private sauna (stay 3h) Price
Romantic 2 200 CZK
Family 2 400 CZK
Traditional “Baňa” (for 2 persons) 3 500 CZK

*each entry to the sauna includes one sheet per person
*children under 14 years old only until 7 pm (Fri-Sun only until 6 pm) and must be accompanied by a person over 18 years old.

*In case you must cancel your private reservation, please do so no later than 2 hours (Romantic, Family) or 3 hours (Traditional Baňa) before the actual reservation. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee of 1,000 CZK for Ruská Banya and 500 CZK for the other privates.